Thomas Cook approached us with a massive challenge, a challenge that would take us out of our norms and test us on new ground. They were in need of a new system to handle all seating and catering of their planes, and they wanted us to make it. The logistics of airplane seating and catering proved to be mind boggling.

We initiated the project with a series of stakeholder interviews followed by an ethnography study where we observed the Thomas Cook personal complete seatings and catering orders and quickly identified where the employees were struggling the most. Based on this information we came up with an early concept, and in collaborative workshops with the Thomas Cook employees we together worked out a final concept solution we could proceed with.

The prototyping of the system proved to be tasking as well as this is not something meant to run in a browser but rather as a desktop application spanning multiple screens and used by users with an affinity for using shortcut keys and commands to do their job. The end result is a software solution of massive complexity, packaged in a slick and easily accessible structure and design.