Post Danmark, the main postal service of Denmark was in need of a new website, and approached us with the task of creating a site that could hold both the private customers postal and packaging needs and the advanced business logistics. The current Post Danmark site consisted of a never ending array of mini sites overlapping and contradicting each other. Our job was to make sense of it all.

The proposed structure would make it easy for users to identify themselves as either a private or business customer, and all their individual needs would then be available to them within this universe, without the need to go to any separate mini site.
To ensure the solution met the requirements of the customers, a series of advanced user tests were held, where groups of participants were presented with the prototype and design and asked to seek and find specific functions and content.

Sadly before the site was able to move into development the Danish postal service partnered with the Swedish postal service, creating a Nordic postal service and effectively ending the project.